Sunday : 9am - 10am

The Fallout Shelter is Coast and County Radio’s haven from nasty radiation and most form of mainstream music. Hosted by vinyl addict Mister Tooley, the weekly show features vintage soul, funk, rockabilly, mambo, 60s garage, Latin, rocksteady, blues and dancefloor jazz from the 1940s to the 70s – along with contemporary acts who create music in a similar vein. With a loose Cold War theme, the music is interspersed with unintentionally hilarious Civil Defense warnings from the Atomic Age and trailers for shady exploitation movies.

Presented by: Mister Tooley

An avid vinyl collector who started buying records in his early teens, Mister Tooley cut his DJ teeth in the 1970s, where he played Northern Soul records in the youth clubs of the North West. Arriving in Scarborough in mid 80s, he became involved in the area’s live music scene, running the Stage Door and Talbot Inn venues, which hosted local, national and international acts.

These days, Mister Tooley is a regular festival DJ and since 2013 he’s been one of the residents at the Deluxe Diner in Glastonbury Festival’s late night Shangri-La area, where Diner owner Phil Armstrong described him as playing “The most twisted blues, soul and rock n’ roll records you’ll hear anywhere.” Mister Tooley also makes regular appearances at WOMAD, Beatherder, Solfest, and Lindisfarne festivals and is usually involved in helping to run the DJ stages at North Yorkshire’s Coastival and Musicport events.


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