Wednesday : 10pm - midnight

Hoping to invoke the memory of John Peel’s Perfumed Garden, 'Rommelpot' is a mixture of all types of music from the last 80 years, a trawl through all genres and styles, giving exposure to bands and artists old and new, whose work is either long-forgotten, overlooked, or simply ignored by today’s corporate radio playlists.

Presented by: Graham Rhodes

Graham Rhodes has been a graphic designer, audio visual producer, conference designer & producer, video director, scriptwriter, playwright, artist, and photographer. In his time he has created programmes for television, museums and the corporate sector. At one point in his life he was the graphic designer for bands like The Police and The Cramps. Today he runs his own photographic gallery situated on Scarborough’s West Pier.

For over 40 years he was also a performance poet, supporting many bands at rock venues and festivals up and down the country. His love of music was born listening to Radio Luxembourg in the early 60’s and continues to this day, although he misses the day when he could stand at a bar with a cigarette in one hand and a pint in the other listening to a live band and still believes that the best venues were those where your feet stuck to the floor.


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