Tuesday : 10pm - midnight

Ross and Chris take you on a journey down the highways, byways, side-streets and back alleyways of the musical landscape with tracks from down your way, across the UK and around the world.

Presented by: Ross Wilson & Chris Minz

Chris Minz is a musician as well as a music fan. He began presenting radio shows at college back in the early 80's, broadcasting from a smoke-filled basement room with coffee-stained carpets, playing unfashionable tunes on dusty old vinyl. He now enjoys playing a wide range of music including jazz and blues, rock and pop (don't get him started on ELO!), rock & roll, reggae, ska and world music, punk, funk and soul and has a new-found passion for folk, roots and acoustic music.

A long-time fan of a fine tune and great songwriting. Ross is an old folkie who's just managed to remove his finger from his ear long enough to realise that the buzzing doesn't stop!, He has been an avid listener to World Music since 'Gracelands' and Womad'. Often to be found late night and early mornings with ears glued to as much weirdness as anyone can stand, and worships at the feet of Verity Sharp and Late Junction on BBC Radio 3. Nostalgia is definitely not what it used to be, and he's always up for surfing the wave of Rock, Soul, Minimalist Classic and Ambient electronics (no..really..). Music's about development and change, and if that means being in close contact with Chris..well, its a dirty job but someone's gotta do it!


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