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Saturday, May 8th, 2021

  • 12:00am

    Album Tracks through The Night

    A selection of cross-genre album tracks (even the long ones) that you rarely hear on radio anymore. More than just the same old songs all night long.

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  • 8:00am

    Sixties Vinyl Countdown

    Two hours of the very best in sixties sounds presented by Roger 'Twiggy' Day. Each show includes album tracks, ‘B’ sides and rarities.

  • 10:00am

    Saturday Street

    Coast and County Radio's youngest presenters return for 2 hours on Saturday morning. Join them from 10am for chat and great music that is surprisingly acceptable to their parents!

  • 12:00pm

    Emperor Rosko's L.A. Connection

    Fresh each and every week from Los Angeles, The Emperor Rosko packs in the latest Hollywood news and Hollyweird, the latest music news, and those things that can only happen in America all wrapped up in six decades of great music. You’ll love the L.A. Connection wherever you are.

  • 8:00pm

    Diggin' Records

    Within the now lost pub The Grapes in Filey, Beth pulled a pint and introduced Tizzy To Phil. They both wore flat caps, drank bitter and, here’s the thing, LOVED MUSIC. Shaped by the ‘winters of discontent’ and dynamic youth culture of the 70’s, these two loved the records and devoured them all. They still do. Soul became Tizzy’s passion, Phil always loved Rock (but secretly listened to the pop, electro and punk stuff too). Using an ocean of listening, gigging and record collecting experience the lads bring the banter and all era/genre tunes of ‘The Diggin’ Records Show’.

  • 10:00pm

    The Big Chap's Box of Delights

    Gordon Tennent presents an aural cornucopia carefully selected from a mixed bag of genres. The idea of the show is to re-introduce you to some classic songs with a sprinkling of tunes that are new-to-you.