Saturday : 10pm - midnight

'The Big Chap's Box of Delights' is an aural cornucopia carefully selected from a mixed bag of genres. The idea of the show is to re-introduce you to some classic songs with a sprinkling of tunes that are new-to-you.

Presented by: Gordon Tennent

Gordon is a tall long-haired Scotsman who can usually be spotted sporting some sort of comedy facial hair. He is nearly always to be seen wearing a t-shirt, jeans and Converse. He has in the past been a civil servant, a club DJ and a stock buyer for Virgin Megastore in Glasgow. Gordon joined Coast and County Radio straight from a 3-year stint presenting 'The Box of Delights' on a local community radio station.

Gordon likes smiling, coffee, Scottish football, cats, curry, Apple gadgets, late nights, the seaside and breathing. His favourite chocolate bar is the increasingly elusive Fry's Chocolate Cream. He dislikes marzipan, the Comic Sans font, the burgeoning amount of mens grooming products and twiglets.


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