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Greg Scott is your host on the weekday breakfast show - Because to force him on you any more than that would be cruel. He is your host / annoyance every Monday to Friday, with his very own mix of whatever comes into his head before it falls out of his face. Despite this, the show is still worth listening to as he DOES play some rather belting tunes, too. Go on. Join him. Make him feel wanted for once in his dull, boring, miserable, tragic life.

Presented by: Greg Scott

Greg was born in 1969, just outside Wedlock. There's very little he hasn't done in showbusiness and broadcasting.  (CORRECTION: There's very little he hasn't done BADLY in showbusiness and broadcasting).  From hosting late night quizzes for insomniacs on ITV to hosting late night shopping television... For insomniacs... To voicing commercials, hosting corporate events, comedy acting, audience warm-ups, writing questions for gameshows - He's still trying to find SOMETHING he actually can do.  His dream is to become the world's longest living human being... Indeed, today he has broken his personal best - An achievement that he is extremely proud of.  A typical Piscean, he doesn't believe in horoscopes.  When he grows up, he says he would like to be a "tractive". Whatever one of those is.  Greg has spent nearly 25 years in radio - As a presenter for the UKRD group of stations, and as an on air contributor for BBC Local Radio across the country.  However, he started out as a host on Macclesfield Hospital Radio, where strangely, at around the same time, even the most seriously ill people made the most miraculous recoveries and discharged themselves.  Weird coincidence, that.


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