Monday to Friday : 7am - 10am

Enjoy a different start to the day in North Yorkshire with the latest national news, business update and of course the latest travel news county wide. The half past forecast looks at the day ahead plus the inshore waters and tide times all mixed in with our unique music selection.

Presented by: Chris Curtis (Monday-Wednesday) and Jerry Scott (Thursday & Friday)

When the rugby season finished in 1988, BBC Radio York decided to fill the 1-hour void left by the rugby show, by allowing any Tom, Dick or Harry to go in and present a one-off show. Chris Curtis, despite not being called any of those names, was selected for a slot, and he's been sporadically broadcasting ever since, in the U.K. and overseas. Like so many well-known radio personalities, Chris has the perfect face for this medium. He's lived and worked in North Yorkshire for over 30 years, and despite many pleas from listeners and colleagues alike, he continues to do so.

Jerry and radio collided when he was just months old. His parents, desperate for him to stop yelling popped a wireless in the cot and the atmospheric fading in and out from Moscow to Cologne embedded the seed. Always been sailing close to the wind, Jerry broadcast from on board the legendary Radio Caroline in 1989 along with a clutch of pirate radio stations in the 70's and 80's then on to commercial radio and then a 12 year spell at BBC Radio York.


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