Friday : 6pm - 8pm

Whether you are looking for advice on the best indie games or reviews of the biggest games of the year, the Evening Arcade brings a whole host of interesting features for console, PC and mobile gamers alike.

From the origin of zombie games to the innovations of gaming technology and right back to the ZX Spectrum - nothing is off limits!

Not enough for you? The Evening Arcade also keeps you updated on deals, humble bundles and even upcoming Kickstarter projects to help you choose your next adventure!

Presented by: Steven Landray

Spending 90% of his life playing video games (and 10% working out how to skip the tutorials), Steven has always devoted his life to the varied world that games have to offer.

Coming into this world with a PSX controller in his hands and a copy of Spyro the Dragon between his teeth, Steven has spent his whole life exploring what makes gamers tick, never afraid to search for answers to such important questions as "who is the best member of the Mass Effect crew?" and "why do Nintendo want people to grow an extra hand to play the N64?".


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