Sunday : 10pm - midnight

Bringing the weekend to a crashing end, Trev and Genie bring you news of impending doom, ridiculous news stories from the world of the conspiracy theorists and playing an eclectic mix of music from Studio 54 to reimagined mixes of some all time classics. Expect some talk about Bette Davis, Joan Crawford, William Shatner and The Golden Girls for some completely unknown reason.

Presented by: Trevor Landray & The Scarborough Genie

Trev is relatively new to the medium of radio in comparison to the other members of the team. Starting just three years ago on community radio presenting a show dedicated to giving airtime to local fundraisers and charities. A small business owner with his heart firmly in the community has spent the last six years as founder and chairman of Wonkey McDonky Fundraising which raised funds and awareness for local causes and charities. The group called it a day in 2016 due to personal commitments.

The Scarborough Genie is a street performer who can be occasionally seen donned head to toe in a fortune-telling box ala the movie Big. He claims to be Trev's imaginary friend and doesn't actually exist. You can be the judge of that.
When he isn't broadcasting or walking the streets in a foam fortune-telling box he lives in a four dimensional teapot that receives signals using wasted positive attitudes.


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